Author Topic: The Stargames brand supports you in your well-being  (Read 21 times)


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The Stargames brand supports you in your well-being
« on: May 17, 2020, 08:15:17 AM »
For visitors and members,

Based on internet searches and automated communication, it is appropriate to keep the forum language in English for the time being, as most members understand it, thank you!

Stargames’ exclusive trademark and related domains, such as or .ax, etc., are provided for licensing. In this context, we will consider various offers related to the accounting firm service if a potential licensee needs such a service and is interested in well-being, health, safety, and finances, for example through exercise or fitness at various events.

While the Stargames brand, products, and events are developed, and operational marketing materials are developed, for the time being we only use promotional products funded by the finance department itself. The finance department has attached a model to the t-shirt. Accounting services at are available to licensees.

Also, the printed Master´s Thesis is available for loan from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Library, which tells about the global development of Stargames and the network connecting a special exclusive brand, considering IPR development since its inception in 1995. We strongly recommend borrowing the book to all forum members and visitors. The work clarifies the meaning of a protected name and its usefulness and assistance to users through pre-valuation. Stargames development from initial moment since 1995.

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Stargames which is registered with number 651.070 and located in Finland is the owner of all intellectual property rights regarding its´ name. Through the company's extensive and continuous use and promotion of its products, the company name is recognized around the world, and its intellectual property has acquired substantial goodwill. Stargames Oy does not permit the unauthorized use of its name, cc-top level and generic internet domains, copyrighted works, and registered trademark number 007579551.